PATCHBOX for the Fast Food Industry Leader

Published on 11. November 2022
PATCHBOX Fast Food Industry Success Story

In 2020 the fast food industry leader became aware and convinced of the PATCHBOX and immediately contacted its security solution provider. The goal: equipping all drive-throughs nationwide with a reliable security system.

Facts about the Project






Start of the project

After being impressed by social media ads online, the fast food restaurant contacted its security solution provider, which contacted our German partner, macle.

Both the world-famous restaurant as well as the security company were already well-informed about the product and its advantages and did not need any further convincing.

In addition to the much nicer and tidier cabling, the main argument was the simple standardization and the quick savings in maintenance costs.

For the IP camera system at the POS the fast food chain ordered PATCHBOXes with our PoE capable Cat.6a cables.

Power over Ethernet allows franchisees to power their security devices with electricity without connecting any additional energy sources.

All these advantages ensured that the fast food industry leader went from initial contact to installation within just a few months, finalizing a big project in a short period of time. Fast processing and delivery, an intuitive and quickly installed product – we stand by our slogan: Simplify IT.

Since then, over 1.000 drive-throughs have been equipped with hundreds of customized PATCHBOXes.

The installation of the PATCHBOX – up to eight times faster than conventional cabling – was quick and easy, saving a lot of money for the successful franchise chain.

Especially standardizing thousands of network racks nationwide was an important step to more efficiency. Every IT technician can act quickly in case of an emergency, making the restaurant’s security system more reliable.

But these are not the only advantages: the flat and light patch cables allow a better airflow inside the network racks, which can be very important in fast food restaurants that have to deal with high temperatures in general.

Thanks to the cable stopper, there is also less tension and weight on the cables and ports, which is much better for the hardware.

Overall equipping the PATCHBOX has been a big success for all sides: An exciting project for our Distributor, a significant improvement for the over 1.000 fast food restaurants, and for us, a world-famous company that we are proud to count among our customers.

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