BERNINA: Cabling solution for a high-performing network

Published on 27. October 2021

BERNINA is a Swiss manufacturer of sewing and embroidery machines with over 1.000 employees. Unhappy with their network cabling they were looking for a cable management solution … and found PATCHBOX.

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BERNINA’s embroidery and sewing machines stand for quality, longevity & precision. Moreover, the family business from Eastern Switzerland is regarded as innovation leader in the field of textile design. With the integration of the PATCHBOX cabling management system, BERNINA’s IT is optimally positioned for the long-term.

The Swiss company relies on a high-performing network. Therefore the consequences of tangled cables are very problematic.

The issues that needed to be tackled included: 

  • no clarity or structure in the network rack
  • suboptimal thermal conditions inside the network cabinet
  • slow troubleshooting due to tangled cables

During the research process, BERNINA was looking for the optimal cable management solution for network cabinets.

Unrivaled PATCHBOX quickly turned out to be the perfect match. The quickly installed, yet tidy cabling structure, the long-term neatness as well as the availability of a solution for less deep network cabinets with the PATCHBOX 365 were exactly what BERNINA needed.

“The implementation was very uncomplicated and fast”, said satisfied customer Amerigo DeSantis, Head of IT Operations. They reconfigured their switches and got even better results by optimizing the cabling paths in advance.

“The product is practical, well designed, sophisticated, intuitive to use and simply fantastic.”

BERNINA now has network cabinets that meet all requirements in terms of efficiency and maintainability. The PATCHBOX guarantees a clear structure, better airflow and fast troubleshooting to minimize downtimes. This makes network administration much easier for the IT team.

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