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The Ultimate Tool for Network Racks
developed by Network Engineers.


The Ultimate Tool
for Network Racks developed
by Network Engineers.

Holds your heavy hardware

Safer to work with

Up to 50kg/110lbs

Lifetime Warranty

Work smarter.
Not harder.

Hardware installation in a network rack is a difficult task. It requires technicians to work with heavy hardware in uncomfortable positions – your back will thank you. The Setup.exe allows you to get more done in less time and to do the job of two. All by yourself.

For heavy-duty.

Crafted from stainless steel & aluminum as used in satellites. Our Setup.exe can hold up to 50kg/110lbs. Whether you’re configuring a switch or terminating a patch panel, it provides a safe and convenient workspace that makes work in the network rack easier and more efficient.

One Device.
Two Ways to Use It.

The Setup.exe is the ultimate mobile workstation for network racks. Install your hardware faster than ever before or flip the tool to let it hold your laptop or other hardware securely. With Setup.exe, you can do it all!

Built to last forever.

The Setup.exe was developed and designed by Network Engineers for Network Engineers. Built with high-quality aluminum and stainless steel we proudly provide a lifetime warranty!

Cabling Installation & Maintenance Platinum Innovators Awards

Find out how it works

Check out our Help Center to find out all the features of the Setup.exe – from adjusting the brackets to different rail sizes to changing to adapters for different rail types.

Technical details

Setup.exe Technical Drawing


Aluminium, stainless steel, powder coated steel


0.88kg (1.94lbs)

Packaging Dimensions

510mm x 600mm x 55mm WxDxH

Dimension Folded

465mm x 53.5mm x 45mm WxDxH

Max. load weight

50kg (110lbs)


8205 5980