The Setup.exe is an innovative network installation tool, enabling one technician to do the job of two. It secures the weight of IT hardware, such as switches or patch panels in server and network racks until they are securely screwed in. Mounted inside out of a rack, the Setup.exe creates the ideal workspace to place a laptop on or configure a switch. It is now compatible with 19″ rails with threaded holes and square punched holes. Get your Setup.exe now!

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Sweating from balancing expensive switches while installing them? Sounds familiar to you? That’s why we invented the Setup.exe, which does the dirty work for you. Our network rack installation tool can carry up to 50kg (110lbs) and hold your switch or, when mounted facing out of the network cabinet, your laptop. See the Setup.exe in action!


Less staff needed = less costs

Although the demand of IT technicians being very high, the amount of IT technicians actually existing is very low. That’s where our Setup.exe comes in handy. With our network installation tool one technician can do the work of two – as he doesn’t need assistance for holding heavy and expensive hardware. The Setup.exe is the assistant.

Faster installation

Not only do you just need one technician for the job of the two, the job is also done way faster. Our Setup.exe is mounted in seconds. Installing of rack and cabinet equipment is very easy and way faster – and therefore cost-saving.

Use the Setup.exe both ways

The Setup.exe can be used for multiple purposes: our smart network installation tool can be mounted facing inwards of the 19″ rack to easily guide the switch into the network rack. The Setup.exe can also be mounted facing outwards of the cabinet. By doing that, the rubberized side on top acts as a shelf to carry your laptop safely. The sides of the Setup.exe provide you with holes to mount velcro, cable ties and spare cage nuts.

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Your Benefits

Work more confident

Nervous balancing 50k switches? Not with the Setup.exe - it carries it for you.

Lifetime warranty

Our Setup.exe will last your entire life.

Fewer staff costs

With the Setup.exe, you only need one technician for the work of two. The Setup.exe carries your switches, laptop, cage nuts, tools and much more.

Holds your heavy hardware

Let the Setup.exe carry your heavy switch or your precious laptop.

Safer to work with

Many IT technicians drop out with back pain - these occur due to installing heavy switches in uncomfortable positions. Installation is way easier, more comfortable and more back-friendly with the Setup.exe

19" Rack Hercules

The Setup.exe can carry up to 50kg (110lbs).

Frequently Asked Questions

To mount it in your 19″ rack, take the Setup.exe and pull the spring-loaded bolt. Now place the network cabinet’s rail in-between the Setup.exe’s bracket while still pulling the spring-loaded bolt. Now let go of the bolt so it can go through the rail’s hole. Open the Setup.exe and do the same on the other side. You can mount our innovative network installation tool facing inside the 19″ as well as outside. You can find further and more detailed instructions in our Setup.exe guide.

The recommended maximum load-bearing capacity is 50kg (110lbs).

The Setup.exe comes with a threaded hole adapter and a square punched hole adapter, so it suitable for both 19″ rack types.

Yes, we offer a lifetime manufacturer warranty on the Setup.exe.

Please adjust the brackets by loosening the two nuts on each side using a wrench and adjust them to the thickness of your 19” rails. You can find an instruction here.