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TRG Datacenters: Essential help after Hurricane Laura

Published on 21. June 2022
TRG Datacenters PATCHBOX

In August 2020 Hurricane Laura hit the US coast and stormed over Louisiana and Texas with winds over 240km/h (150mp/h), inflicting an estimated $19 billion in damages

Over a weekend TRG Datacenters was contacted to help with Hurricane Laura relief by migrating servers from the Lake Charles data center to the Houston data center. 

Over the span of just 36 hours, TRG Datacenters got 27 small businesses back online and helped thousands get back to work. “We wouldn’t have been able to do this as smoothly without the right tools for the job,” said CTO of TRG Datacenters Chris Hinkle. 

“The PATCHBOX made it so simple we didn’t even have to think about planning out cabling, saving us valuable hours of time and effort that our clients got to spend online.”

PATCHBOX’ innovative cabling technology enabled TRG Datacenters to cable cabinets quicker than any conventional cabling method. Despite the immediate urgency TRG Datacenters easily and effectively assembled seven cabinets in record time. 

“This was some of the most complicated and intricate networking I’ve ever had to do,” said Chris Hinkle. “I’m so glad we had PATCHBOX systems in stock around the data center for just this task.” Using conventional cabling it would have been essential to plan out the cabling in detail.

With zero notice, little time to prepare and luckily some PATCHBOX systems in stock, TRG Datacenters had to improvise to get everything back up and running as fast as possible. 

“Putting all the cables in there ad hoc would have been a disaster, but with the PATCHBOX patching the cabinets was as easy as if the PATCHBOX would have been made just for this emergency situation.”

TRG Datacenters also uses PATCHBOX cabling systems for all their fully managed colocation cabinets. Not only do they make it easier to assemble cabinets, but the cabinets also stay neat. 

The TRG Datacenters technicians and staff now require less time doing maintenance. Technicians are capable of closing support tickets much faster when working with PATCHBOX equipped cabinets on the customers’ end.

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