DB Cargo Poland: Because time matters in logistics

Published on 24. June 2024
DB Cargo Poland Success Story PATCHBOX

DB Cargo Polska S.A. is a leading rail freight company in Poland and part of the DB (Deutsche Bahn) Cargo Group. It offers comprehensive logistics solutions, including freight transport and rail logistics services, connecting Poland with major European trade routes.

To optimize their IT and make it more space-efficient and less time-consuming, DB Cargo Polska S.A. tried PATCHBOX—which would later turn out to be a perfect match.

Facts about DB Cargo Polska S.A.



230 Mio Euro

Revenue in 2022



Time and space management are key in logistics. To ensure that these key points are also implemented in the best possible way in IT, DB Cargo Polska S.A. was looking for cable management solutions.

The Polish company quickly found a possible candidate on patchbox.com and their system integrator’s website: PATCHBOX. A modular cable management system that keeps network rack organized in the long term, with 24 retractable cables available with Cat.6a and Fiber Optic cables.

“That’s it!”, was DB Cargo’s Head of IT’s first reaction when he first found PATCHBOX. After proposing the innovative solution to his colleagues, they contacted their system integrator and gave it a try.

“We purchased and used PATCHBOX for tests in the reconstruction of existing rack cabinets in the server room at the DB Cargo Polska S.A. Headquarters in Zabrze”, the Head of IT said.

Quite quickly, he and his colleagues were convinced and deployed nearly a hundred more PATCHBOX systems with Cat.6a cables and the most flexible fiber optic cables on the market at their distribution points and in the backup server room in Rybnik.

“Before using PATCHBOX, we had patch cords in the server room and distribution points left as spare ones to be used during new connections between ports. These unused patch cords took up space in the cabinet.”

With the PATCHBOX DB Cargo Polska S.A. can now use up to 50% more space in their racks – one of many advantages of the innovative and awarded cable management systems.

DB Cargo Poland Network Racks PATCHBOX
Some of the many network racks of DB Cargo Poland.

The rail freight company’s IT is especially enjoying trouble-free access to ports of passive and active devices and transparency of connections.

DB Cargo Polska S.A. will benefit from these for many years to come because PATCHBOX network cabinets will always stay tidy.

This tidiness allows them to to have a better overview, react faster in emergencies and also enables faster maintenance.

With PATCHBOX, the duration of downtime can be reduced by up to 90%, which is a benefit that can be of particular advantage in logistics.

Over 3,000 wagons are driven by almost 200 locomotives through Poland to over 30 different countries. To keep delivery times short, journeys efficient, and costs low, an efficient and modern IT system is also needed.

DB Cargo Polska S.A. has taken the right steps for a good future. and, despite a well-established IT system, has looked for ways to improve.

With PATCHBOX, the company has found an ideal solution for its requirements and was highly satisfied with the installation and the months that followed, still enrolling further PATCHBOX products today.

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