Patchbox Cable Management Network Cabinet

" We help companies to save time and money during network cabinet maintenance by building tools that massively simplify the process. "

Install Network cabinets easy and neat

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Save time during installation, maintenance and for documentation. Reduce down times to a minimum through clear structure in the cabinet. Be able to advise people on the other side of the world via phone or video call prompts on where to patch or even replace a switch. Our products make that and much more possible.

The PATCHBOX Plus+ Cable Management Network Cabinet

The PATCHBOX® Plus+ System

cabling network cabinets reinvented

The PATCHBOX® Plus+ is the state of the art cable management system; fast and neat. It replaces conventional cable management and patch cords completely with an all-in-one solution. The PATCHBOX® Plus+ with its retractable cables, provides the user with the exact cable length needed. No more overly long cables, creating a cabinet full of cable spaghetti. Installation time is dramatically reduced and due to the clean setup maintenance can even be done remotely further reducing costs.

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The SETUP.EXE Patchbox Installation Helper Network Cabinets


YOUr Rack Installation WIZARD

The Setup.exe is a problem solving miracle designed by Network Engineers. Through its ingenious design, one person is able to do the work of two people when setting up a network cabinet. Use it as a table for your laptop or while terminating patch panels. It also carries your most important tools like a screwdriver, spare cage nuts, cable ties and so on. Setup.exe is the ultimate tool for everyone working on network cabinets!

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