PATCHBOX® revolutionises patching and cable management in network cabinets

What is the issue?
Today’s biggest issue in keeping network cabinets tidy is mainly affected by cable over length of patch cords. The exceeding cable gets tangled up in cable organisers or other cables, growing a messy cabinet over time and making it soon almost impossible to work with.

What is the PATCHBOX®?
The PATCHBOX® is a patented, fully modular system that provides the user with the exact cable length needed. Every time and in a fraction of the time previously needed for patching.

What are the Benefits?
With its pulley system integrated into cassettes it is able to automatically pull back unneeded over length. The result is an always neat and tidy cabinet giving you an unrivalled overview of what is connected. Your components are no longer covered up by cable spaghetti. This way PATCHBOX® allows a 10x faster maintenance compared to any other system on the market.

Since it comes ready to install, there is no unnecessary unpacking of every single cable, no twisted cables and less waste, speeding up installations by the factor 8. Each of the 24 slots of the PATCHBOX® can be equipped with either a Cat. or fibre optic patch cord, giving you a never before seen logic, making documentation almost superfluous. All Switch ports are physically assigned to a cassette in the PATCHBOX®, therefore a Switch replacement can be realised within 3 minutes without documentation at all.

Unused patch cables are not stored in boxes anymore, where the clips break off. Instead the cables are at hand, right in the cabinet waiting to be pulled out and plugged in. If a patch cord is not needed anymore, simply unplug it and let the PATCHBOX® do the storing automatically.

A revolutionary cabling system also needs a just worthy cable management. Our included cable management the PATCHCATCH does not use RU like conventional cable management does. Instead it is mounted under the mounting brackets of the already installed components like patch panels, keeping the RU’s above and under free from cable clutter. With the PATCHBOX® and PATCHCATCH you save expensive RU’s for more important equipment rather than cable management.

Because the PATCHBOX® is modular it can be delivered in pre-defined color combinations of cables, offering companies with multiple branches or just several network cabinets a very easy way to standardise their IT-infrastructure throughout the entire enterprise.

What does the PATCHBOX® do for me? 
It speeds up installations and maintenance, saves RU’s and keeps the network cabinet clean and organised - forever.