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Cable Management. Hardware Installation. Device Mounting.
Network Rack with PATCHBOX inside

Everything you really need.

No more tangled cables in your 19″ rack. Have patch cables always in the right length. Easy network cable installation. For faster maintenance. And maximum workflow. That’s the PATCHBOX. Check out the different variants and cables.
The Setup.exe enables one technician to do the job of two by holding your switches and laptop.
Work smarter, not harder: Faster installation with the cage nut alternative from PATCHBOX.

Find out how you as a decision-maker can ensure standardized IT in your organization and thus prevent your own infrastructure from becoming a real business risk.

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Create and export your personal network rack diagram in a few minutes & completely for free.

Eight times faster installation: By using PATCHBOX you could patch eight entire network racks in the time of one when using conventional cabling. See the comparison in our video!