Mounting 19″ equipment in a network rack has never been easier before – with the /dev/mount, our innovative, high-quality cage nut alternative. It holds equipment securely in place before the hex nuts are even fastened, making hardware mounting a faster, easier, and more secure task. Our /dev/mount is safer to use than conventional M5 or M6 cage nuts. To fasten hardware fewer pieces are needed, this saves a lot of time and nerves. Get your /dev/mount here!

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Working with our innovative /dev/mount is faster and safer. It is easier to handle and is less likely to slip out of your hand than conventional cage nuts. Our alternative provides more stability and makes the installation of 19″ equipment easier.

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Toolless and easily installed

To mount the /dev/mount, you simply have to pass it through the 19″ rail from behind, guide the small lug through the middle hole and hook it there. Finally, the still open leg is pressed shut and holds the /dev/mount securely in place.

Easier handling for faster installation

To make mounting of hardware even easier and faster the /dev/mount comes with long reversible hex nuts, that can be used from both sides no matter how you hold them. Setting up a network rack can be an exhausting and sweaty job when not using a Setup.exe. Sweaty hands and tiny screws in uncomfortable positions are a bad combination – this takes up a lot of expensive time and can even lead to back-related injuries. The easier handling of our cage nut alternative speeds up the process of mounting 19″ equipment and is time and cost-saving.

No more hurting finger tips

M5 and M6 cage nuts have sharp edges and can be quite dangerous. Every technician knows the pain. Our /dev/mount is easily installed, and doesn’t require any tools. It is designed to be handled much safer. Our cage nut alternative can be softly and comfortably mounted onto the 19″ rail of the network rack.

Your Benefits


No tools are needed to install the /dev/mount. Just click in the dev/mount and easily fasten hex nuts per hand.

Easily mounted

Mounting is easier: The bigger-sized hex nuts, compared to conventional cage nuts and screws, lead to less of them ending up on the floor, and mounting is easier and quicker.

Less pain, more gain

Conventional cage nuts are very sharp. Probably every technician once ended up with bloody fingers. The /dev/mount is fast, easy and you won't get injured.

No assembly needed

The /dev/mount is only one piece. You just need to fasten it with our hex nuts.

More stability

Already unfastened /dev/mounts provide enough stability to hold your hardware so you can fasten it easily.


The /dev/mount is made out of high-quality spring steel and aluminum.

Frequently Asked Questions

The /dev/mount is an innovative cage nut alternative for 19″ rack with square punched holes. With our /dev/mount you easily fasten hardware or a PATCHBOX – just put the /dev/mount through the square punched holes with the bolts facing you. Place the switch in the rack and put it on the bolts – already this provides enough stability for you to be able both hands for fastening. Now take the hex-nuts and fasten them by hand. Do not (!) use only tools for fastening. Here you can find a step-by-step guide with video.

The recommended maximum load-bearing capacity is 15kg (33lbs).

Please do NOT use tools to fasten the /dev/mount. Hand-tightening the hex-nuts is fully sufficient. Tightening the hex-nuts with tools may bend your equipment and 19″ rail!

They are unnecessary as we recommend hand-tightening only. Tightening with tools can break them.

As of now the actual version of the /dev/mount is only available in a 1 rack unit (RU) variant.