The PATCHBOX is the state-of-the-art network cabling system that replaces conventional patch cords and vertical and horizontal cable management. Providing the exact length of networking cables required. Creating benefits by accelerating rack maintenance and reducing downtime to a minimum. Building an efficient and sustainable IT working environment by preventing tangled network cables. With a 5-year-warranty – which also applies to the cables. Get your PATCHBOX and optimize your network rack!

PATCHBOX® Plus+ Cat.6a
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Conventional Cabling vs. PATCHBOX

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See the PATCHBOX in action

Save money thanks to the PATCHBOX. The cable system retracts and stores unused LAN cables safely and ensures they are ready when you need them. It also allows a higher density in your network rack than conventional methods. That equals more gear in the same space with more overview without the service of a cabling company.

A simple formula. Frame + Cassette = PATCHBOX®

01 Frames

Two types of Frames for your PATCHBOX

We offer two types of Frames, which you can find below. One for full-size racks called the „PATCHBOX Plus+ Frame“ and one for wall cabinets, the „PATCHBOX 365 Frame“. Both can hold up to 24 of our PATCHBOX Cassettes.

PATCHBOX® Plus+ Frame

The PATCHBOX Plus+ Frame is suitable for full-size racks and offers space for 24 x PATCHBOX Cassettes - unlike the 365 Frame, it is compatible with both the 365 and the Plus+ Cassettes. These cable cassettes can also be easily exchanged for another type or color.

PATCHBOX® 365 Frame

The PATCHBOX 365 Frame is suitable for small wall-mounted cabinets and offers space for 24 x PATCHBOX 365 Cassettes. The Cassettes with the network cables can be easily exchanged in a couple of seconds if needed.

02 Casettes

Modular Cassette System. Swap cables in seconds.

The PATCHBOX Cassettes, made out of high-quality stainless steel, contain our flat networking cables. To patch a cable, you just need to slide the cassette into the frame, which is then locked by its easy click-system. Unlock the cable stopper, pull out the ethernet cable and lock the cable stopper in after reaching the desired length. Exchanging the cassette is just as easy. Unpatch the cable and it will automatically be pulled back by the pulley mechanism. Last but not least: unlock the cassette and take it out of the Frame.

PATCHBOX® 365 Cassette

PATCHBOX® Plus+ Cassette

PATCHBOX® Plus+ Long Range Cassette

03 Cables

Flat networking cables for more space

The easily exchangeable PATCHBOX Cassettes contain our flat ethernet cables. These cables take up less space, are easier to bend and are better than most round cables. They are tested to ISO/IEC 11801 Ea Class and ANSI/EIA/TIA-568 Cat 6A Channel standards, RoHS compliant and capable of PoE (STP: PoE / UTP: PoE++ Type 3). Our networking cables are available in multiple colours and variants: as shielded or unshielded Cat. 6a cables (STP/UTP) and also as optical fiber (OS2/OM4) – the only retractable fiber optic patch cables on the market. In the rare case you need to patch from top to bottom, we have a special solution called Long Range Cassette, which offers a max. cable length of 2.5m (46RU) instead of 1.8m (30RU).

PATCHBOX® Cat.6a Cable

Our flat Cat.6a networking cables are tested to ISO/IEC 11801 Ea Class and ANSI/EIA/TIA-568 Cat 6A Channel standards, RoHS compliant and available in eight different colours: black, white, red, green, blue, yellow, grey (STP only) and violet, as well as shielded (STP) and unshielded (UTP).

PATCHBOX® Fiber Optic Cable

You want more speed? We offer the only retractable fiber optic patch cables for network racks made with Corning® fibers. These support up to 40 Gigabit with OM4 and up to 100 Gigabit with OS2 as well as LC-LC and LC-SC as our standards.

04 Patchcatch

No more vertical and horizontal cable managers

When using conventional horizontal cable managers, you lose one rack unit. Not with the Patchcatch. Our innovative 0RU cable management is easily attached on the side of any 19″ rail. It helps you organize your patch cables vertically and horizontally in your rack. It does not require any additional cage nuts or rack units.

PATCHBOX Patchcatch

Fully assembled: The PATCHBOX

After introducing the individual parts of our PATCHBOX, let’s get to the star of the show: the PATCHBOX. You can assemble the Frame and the Cassettes of your choice yourself, or you can choose from our range of pre-assembled PATCHBOX systems. These being the PATCHBOX Plus+ for large network cabinets, the other one being the PATCHBOX 365 for small wall-mounted cabinets.

PATCHBOX Plus+ Cat.6a

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Patented Pulley Mechanism

No more tangled networking cables thanks to our patented pulley mechanism in the cassette. This smart mechanism pulls back the cables into the cassette without tangling them. With this you don’t need space to store your LAN cables as the cassettes act as a storage room.

Cable stopper

Networking cables always in the right length! How it works? Nifty. Just pull out the cable as long as you need it. To lock the cable in length press the cable stopper in-between the LAN cables. If you pulled out too much patch cord, pull the cable stopper to free the pulley mechanism.

Use the Patchcatch

The Patchcatch is our innovative 0RU cable manager. It guides the cables from one RU to the other as well as within the RU. This reduces the chances for cable clutter and makes it easy to trace down cables.

Easy click-system

Want to swap a Cat.6a cable with a fiber optic cable? Sure, super easy. Just press the top and bottom of the cassette to release it from the frame. You can easily pull it out, slide the new one in and patch the cable.

Label your cables with our ID Labels

You can use our ID Label Template to label your networking cables to keep an even better overview. Edit the template by adding your text, printing it, and sliding the label into the front of the cable stopper.

Advantages for me and my company

Conventional cabling vs. PATCHBOX - check it out!

Installing the PATCHBOX is eight times faster than by doing it the conventional way – PATCHBOX saves you time and money! Check out our video to see the comparison.

Your Benefits.

Up to 8x faster

Patching with the PATCHBOX is eight (!) times faster. Patch eight network racks in the time of one.

IT Security

We offer a variety of cable colors that allow you to visually separate different applications from each other. This, combined with a better overview and our unique cables, makes it easy to recognize unwanted intruders immediately.

Up to 50% more space

1RU PATCHBOX replaces 2RU horizontal cable managers = 50% more rack space.

Better airflow

Less cable overlength means fewer blockades for the airflow ensuring your active components can breathe in fresh air and will last longer.

Storage Management

Unused cables are stored safely inside the cassette. You can even have one side already patched to your switch, so once you need it, you can patch in a fraction of the time you needed before.


Our cables are ready when you are. They are not wrapped in plastic. Just pull it out of the cassette and patch it.


Replacing switches or other hardware because their warranty will expire soon? This process takes up a lot of expensive time - not with the PATCHBOX.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get this question a lot due to an old stereotype: Flat cables are just as good as round cables nowadays and vice versa. Our networking cables are tested to ISO/IEC 11801 Channel Class Ea and ANSI/EIA/TIA-568 Cat 6A Channel standards and they are RoHS compliant. Our fiber optic cables are made out of Corning® fibers, the best on the market. We use flat networking cables instead of round ones because they are more bend-friendly, are less bulky, and take up less space when bundled than round cables. Still worried? Our PATCHBOX comes with a 5-year-warranty – which also applies to the cables!

Our Cat. 6a UTP and Cat. 6a STP network cables provide a data rate of 10GBit/s, while our fiber optic cables provide a data rate of 40 and 100 Gigabit.

Yes, the PATCHBOX 365 Cassettes can be used in combination with a PATCHBOX Plus+ Frame. However, the PATCHBOX Plus+ Cassettes shall not be used with a PATCHBOX 365 Frame due to the missing mounting rails to support the extra weight of the longer Cassettes.

Scope of delivery PATCHBOX Plus+:
24x PATCHBOX Plus+ Cassettes with Fluke tested patch cords
1x PATCHBOX Plus+ Frame
2x adjustable Mounting Rails incl. hex nuts
6x PATCHBOX Patchcatch (0RU Cable Management)
2x DIN A5 tear off labels (96 Identification labels)

Scope of delivery PATCHBOX 365:
24x PATCHBOX 365 Cassettes with Fluke tested patch cords
1x PATCHBOX 365 Frame
6x PATCHBOX Patchcatch (0RU Cable Management)
2x DIN A5 tear off labels (96 Identification labels)
2x /dev/mount

Yes, both the PATCHBOX Plus+ and PATCHBOX 365 are PoE compatible. While our STP cables are able of PoE (802.3af), our UTP version offers PoE++ (Type 3, 802.3bt).