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We proudly present our PATCHBOX Success Stories and satisfied customers.

Alltron delivers fiber optic cable management to Swiss underground data center

Our exclusive Swiss PATCHBOX distributor Alltron published an incredible success story about the underground data center of internet service provider hosttech.

The PATCHBOX fiber optic in hosttech’s underground data center.

The data center DATAROCK with 15.000 servers was built in the catacombs of a former military hospital. 15 meters below earth, safe from bombings, floodings and earthquakes.

To keep their racks tidy and their installation as well as troubleshooting fast and easy, the state-of-the-art data center uses our innovative PATCHBOX with retractable patch cables.

Here you can check out their astonishing case study.

West Ham United FC: PATCHBOX goes Premier League

Vanquish Tech is a value-added Hardware, Software and Managed Service Provider that offers industry-leading technologies to businesses internationally. One of their customers was the world-famous football club West Ham United FC.

West Ham’s London Stadium with a capacity of 80.000.

English Premier League team West Ham United FC was looking for a solution for its cable management issues within their site, the London Stadium. It is being shared with another company, so it was crucial that everything is organised to allow for engineers to work quickly and efficiently.

The customer saw the products at a trade show and preferred the look and functionality of PATCHBOX products in comparison to others.

“Their customisation options give our end users control and flexibility to ensure each environment is tailored to match needs”, according to West Ham’s Technology Partner, who enjoyed the “smooth installation” of the PATCHBOX products.

“The product has allowed West Ham to better manage their environment which in turn makes it easier for us as their technology partner to provide services on-site.”

But not only a big stadium with a capacity of 80.000 is an ideal place for PATCHBOX products: “Even those with basic Data Centres should look to invest in a high-quality cable management product like PATCHBOX as the scalability, customisation and ease-of-use will mean less headaches for any network engineers. Especially those in a shared environment which West Ham have.”

An Italian NGO is PATCHBOX’s biggest fan

Instituto Serafico di Assisi is a non-profit ecclesiastical organization that helps children and young adults with disabilities. Their system integrator, Rafael Quintavalle, was looking for a solution for their racks and found PATCHBOX®.

Instituto Serafico di Assisi’s structured cabling: Before and after with PATCHBOX® l © Instituto Serafico di Assisi, 2021.

“I asked my local reseller for a cabling solution for our Instituto Serafico di Assisi and he came up with the PATCHBOX.”

“He presented it to me, I tried it and immediately found it to be a very nice product. I was very pleased with it so I bought some more for our other server racks.”

“The installation of the PATCHBOX was super easy. I did it myself and had no problem. I used the Setup.exe for the switches and the /dev/mount instead of usual cage nuts to install it.”

“I noticed many advantages from using PATCHBOX: It’s easier to patch and re-patch the cables, but also there is a huge visual impact.”

“We have five to six racks in the office, so people can see it, and they all think it looks very neat and clean. I think it looks very nice.”

“As a technician I also see it from a different aspect: It’s neat, but I need to manage the cables – I have a good overview of the network just by it’s colour and I don’t need to pull back everything every time I want to do a modification.”

“The air flow inside the rack is way better as there is not a bunch of cable, so ventilation is better as well. I am very pleased with my PATCHBOX.”

To find out more about Instituto Serafico di Assisi click here.

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