That’s how bend-insensitive our Fiber Optic Cables are

Published on 22. June 2023
bending radius fiber optic cables

Fiber Optic Cables are essential components in the modern world of telecommunications, but they are also fragile in their own way.

The fibers in conventional Fiber Optic Cables are very delicate and can break easily. Any bend or kink affects the performance. For the PATCHBOX we use the bend-insensitive ClearCurve® Fibers by Corning®, some of the best on the market – find out more in our free Info Folder.

In this blog post we want to demonstrate how bend-insensitive our cables are, test them and check the results of our Damping Loss Test.

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Find out more about the Premium Fiber Optic Cables in our free Info Folder.

Why are Fiber Optic Cables so fragile?

Fiber Optic Cables consist of a thin glass or plastic fiber that carries light signals over long distances. These fibers are extremely delicate and can easily be damaged if they are bent or twisted.

In fact, bending the fiber at a radius that is too tight (less than 0.79 inches/20 mm for conventional fiber optic cables) can cause the light signal to be lost, and the cable may need to be replaced.

The fragility of conventional Fiber Optic Cables is a major issue for telecommunications companies and their customers. The cost of repairing or replacing damaged cables can be significant, and the interruption of service can be frustrating for users.

According to a study by Gartner, a single minute of downtime costs on average 5.600$ (~5.200€).

These downtimes can be drastically reduced by using a PATCHBOX with bend-insensitive and retractable cables.

PATCHBOX with Fiber Optic Cables

Our PATCHBOX Fiber Optic utilizes top-of-the-market fibers that come with a 5-year warranty, covering both the PATCHBOX and the Fiber Optic Cables themselves.

These cables are RoHS compliant and constructed with premium ClearCurve® optical fibers from Corning®.

They offer ease of handling, improved bendability, and a more compact design compared to conventional Fiber Optic Cables.

Our Fiber Optic Cables have a higher bend-radius and can even be wrapped around a finger without breaking or major signal loss. The cables are retractable and are therefore the only length-adaptable Fiber Optic Cables for network racks.

This improves cable management in the network rack and reduces downtimes drastically. Therefore saving a lot of time and money.

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Fiber Optic Cable Damping Loss Test: How bend-insensitive is our fiber optic?

Since 2007, bend-insensitive fiber has been available on the market and has greatly simplified working with fiber optics. The increased flexibility of this type of Fiber Optic Cable reduces the amount of space needed for installation and makes the process itself easier.

Our PATCHBOX Plus+ and PATCHBOX 365 in Single- or Multimode (OS2, OM4) are user-friendly and its cables can withstand even tight bending radii with minimal loss of signal quality. Check out the results of our Damping Loss Test in the embedded video.

Download our FREE Fiber Optic Info Folder

Want to find out more about our Fiber Optic Cables? Download our free Fiber Optic Cable Info Folder incl. Tech Specs.

FREE Fiber Optic
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Find out more about the Premium Fiber Optic Cables in our free Info Folder.

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