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What are LC fiber optic connectors?

2. January 2023
LC Fiber Optic Connectors

Fiber optic connectors are connectors that are used to connect fiber optic cables with components. However, there are many different types. In this text, we take a look at LC fiber optic connectors.

What does LC Fiber Optic mean?

The abbreviation LC for fiber optic connectors stands for Lucent Connector and literally means “translucent/transparent connector”.

They are among the smallest connectors and measure 1.25 mm. This is about half the size of an SC or FC connector. Due to their small size, they belong to the small form factor (SFF) category for connectors.

The small form factor makes LC fiber optic connectors ideal for use in angled and confined spaces such as transceivers.

Another advantage of this connector is the possibility to use a clip. This converts a simplex connector into a duplex connector.

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LC Fiber Optic Connector: Simplex & Duplex

Simplex adapters connect one LC fiber optic connector pair in one module slot. The duplex adapter, on the other hand, connects two pairs of fiber optic connectors in one module slot.

In addition, it is relatively easy to attach a connector to the end of a cable. This is a big plus, especially compared to classic copper cables. There, crimping means a lot of effort.

These connectors are also designed in such a way that they are difficult to pull out of the socket.

From a technical point of view, the polarization of the LC fiber connector helps to maintain the direction of transmission or reception. It also ensures a high repetition rate.

Of course, they also have disadvantages. The small size can be a problem when removing them, especially in densely installed places.

Difficulties occur in reaching the terminal to release these plugs. The sleeve is very small and these connectors are often installed in confined spaces. A puller or tab can be of help. These are conveniently attached to the connector.

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