How PATCHBOX revolutionised a customers IT infrastructure over night.

Two major challenges for many IT Managers are network organisation and standardisation: This customer, a fast growing sports retail company with more than 1511 stores internationally, faced several challenges regarding their IT network.

Their store concept required frequent changes to the setup and design, which also meant frequent changes to their IT infrastructure. The IT Management team were looking for a solution that would bring organisation and standardisation to all stores making any future changes to their network much faster and creating less room for errors. This was particularly of great concern to them appreciating that potential network failures and downtimes result in direct lost of revenue.
The PATCHBOX was the only solution they found to solve all these challenges.

Standard Setup for all locations

Together we defined a custom PATCHBOX setup that was then distributed over all stores. In this case, every cable colour had a specific task assigned: uplink, cash desk, telephone, wireless access points, security cameras and so on. 

The PATCHBOX systems were then delivered pre-configured and all customisation made post install which made re-ordering and store installed a clear and simplistic process. This made setups very easy and straightforward for all involved. Saving our client a lot of time and money. 

Documentation included

Just the unpacking of the box, a quick and toolless installation and they were ready to start patching. This was saving our client a lot of time of their already limited resources.

Remote Maintenance and a rack that stays neat

This combination of a clean, standardised setup with included documentation made future changes for our client very easy. Once they had a change in their stores setup, the IT network was easily adaptable. Even remote assignments were possible to the various stores since they all looked the same. Identifying the right patch cord and patch it to the new port was very straightforward.

Since the patch cords are extractable, they always have the perfect length and there was no chance of cultivating cable spaghetti. This meant that the rack stayed neat, tidy & maintainable effortlessly which is indeed nice to look at but more importantly made changes much more efficient, reduced down times to a minimum and saved a lot of those already limited resources.

For our client, the PATCHBOX was the perfect solution for a lot of their pain points and brought many advantages to their IT workflows and their IT infrastructure.

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