How we Standardised the IT Infrastructure of a Client

Much more than just Cable management


Organisation and standardisation: two major challenges for many IT managers. One of our clients a sports retail company with more than 45 stores faced several challenges regarding their IT network. They are fast growing and so is their demand on the network. Their store concept requires a frequent change in the stores setup and design, which also means frequent changes to their IT infrastructure. Hence the IT Manager was looking for a solution to bring organisation and standardisation to all stores, to make the initial setup and later changes easier, faster and less likely to errors which could affect revenue the next day. The PATCHBOX was the perfect solution for a lot of these problems.


Together we defined one custom PATCHBOX setup which could be then distributed over all stores. The PATCHBOX consists of 24 cassettes where different cable colors and types (UTP, STP, OM4, OS2) can be easily combined. In our client’s case every cable color has a specific task assigned: uplink, cash desk, telephone, wireless access points, security cameras and so on.

Custom PATCHBOX Cable Management Network Cabinet Rack

This makes the initial setup super easy. The PATCHBOX is delivered pre-configured, also for future new stores it can be easily re-ordered with the same configuration. Installation is in average 8 times faster - no unpacking and organising of the cables, no handling of cable over length- just unpacking of the box, a quick and toolless installation, and you are ready to start patching. This was saving our client a lot of time for their already limited resources. We also made this free cabinet planner to help you planing new setups.

Custom PATCHBOX Cable Management Network Cabinet Rack

Documentation included

A clear documentation was another important topic for our client. Our tear off labels (for which we provide a printing template) slide simply onto the front of each cassette. Depending on your setup, you just have to write e.g.: "A2.20" on the label and due to the physical switch port assignation to the cassettes (cassette 1 is connected to switch port 1 and so on) you see with an blink of the eye what your connections are.

PATCHBOX Cable Management Network Cabinet Rack Documentation Labelling

Remote Maintenance and a rack that stays neat

This combination of a clean standardised setup and documentation make future changes for our client very easy. Once they have a change in their stores set up, the IT network can be easily adapted. Even remote assignments can be given to the different stores since they all look the same e.g.: Telephone line 2 should now connect to patch panel A1.12. You can easily identify the right patch cord and patch it to the new port - even as non IT staff. Since the patch cords are extractable they always have the perfect length, and there is no chance of cultivating cable spaghetti. This means your rack stays neat which is indeed nice to look at but more importantly makes changes much easier and faster. Reducing down times to a minimum and saving those limited resources again.

For our client the PATCHBOX was the perfect solution for a lot of their pain points, but also for us this is the perfect example of showcasing that the PATCHBOX brings so many more advantages to your IT workflows than to any other cable management system on the market.

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