UTP STP difference
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UTP vs. STP: What is the difference?

Not only fans of our PATCHBOX® are wondering whether they should go with the UTP cable or STP patch cables version. Therefore, in our blog

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Messy network cabinets – the broken windows theory

The Broken Window Theory introduced by James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling in 1982 describes the escalating negative impact of low-level neglect or crime such as broken windows or even littering can have on

Setup.exe wins Installation & Maintenance Innovators Award

We are delighted that the Setup.exe, invented, designed and patented by PATCHBOX was recognized among the best in the industry by the 2020 Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards. The stellar third-party judging panel included

Flexible Flat Cables: The key advantages.

Cables with a smaller outside diameter are being added to the product range by an increasing number of well-known cable manufacturers. There are several reasons for this. In this text we will tell you about