Press & Media

Our press and media area offers the most important and the latest resources to better understand our products, including images, videos, and further footage. We welcome media inquiries and are happy to provide information and support. 

The images are updated regularly to ensure accuracy and up-to-date information for customers. Corporate product images are key in building brand credibility.

Our product videos offer clear and concise instructions, covering setup and troubleshooting.

Our logo guidelines ensure consistent use of our logo. They specify correct usage, minimum size requirements, clear space, and examples of what not to do.

Get our Product Brochure, Tech Specs, Whitepaper, and more to receive all the information you need as PDF documents.

Correct brand spelling is crucial for brand recognition and credibility. Align to our spelling guide for consistency and to avoid confusion.

The marketing package consists of all images, videos, documents and graphics you need to start offering our products.