Adding & removing a Cassette to/from a Frame

Step 1:

Take your Cassette upright with the cables facing you – with the tab of the RJ45 connector on top to patch to a switch above the PATCHBOX. Or with the RJ45 connector on the bottom if the switch you want to patch to is below your PATCHBOX. Doing this avoids bending the cable.

1920×1080 – ein Closeup einer Kassette die einmal normal verwendet und einmal umgedreht (wenn der Switch unten ist) ist, damit man den Unterschied der RJ45 sieht. ACHTUNG: Bild existiert bereits in “How to use a Frame”

Step 2:

Slide your Cassette into the Frame until you hear a “click” – this means your Cassette is locked into the Frame.

Step 3:

To remove a Cassette, squeeze its top and bottom lock to unlock it from the Frame. While squeezing both locks, simply pull the Cassette. (If pressing the tabs does not release the Cassette, also slightly pull the connectors out of the Cassette as they might be blocking the tabs.)

Video (16:9) vom Prozess, wie man eine Kassette herausnimmt (entpatchten, vom Patchcatch entfernen, Kassette vom Frame lösen, rausziehen, neue Kassette rein, patchen, Kabel auf den Patchcatch)