Locking & unlocking the cable stopper

Step 1:

Have a close look at the front of your Cassettes. There are two bars and a rectangular area, or even an ID Label if you have already added one.

Cable stopper

Step 2:

Pull the bars to unlock the cable stopper. By doing this, the cables can be pulled out but also retracted.

Step 3:

Push the rectangular area between the two bars (or if you have placed it there already, push the ID Label) to lock the cable stopper again. 

Step 4:

There should not be any tension on your cables. Patch your cable (within the specified range of rack units of your Cassette), then guide the cable to the Patchcatch in the same rack unit as the hardware you have patched to, then guide the cables to the Patchcatch in the same rack unit as your PATCHBOX – and don’t forget to lock the cable stopper at the end. If the switch is right above or below your PATCHBOX, you can skip the Patchcatch due to the short distance covered. And as you are using the Patchcatch you do not need any further cable managers. We highly recommend not using any cable management other than the Patchcatch – this likely will result in cable spaghetti and bad maintainability.