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We Simplify IT. We love it.

PATCHBOX was founded by Alexander “Alex” Geng and Josef “Sepp” Hofstätter with the goal to simplify and accelerate the digital everyday life of network management. In doing so, we always want to offer the best, most innovative solutions on the market. And to become nothing less than the global player in the networking sector.

A spark in the dark. Our Story.

In 2010, PATCHBOX founders Sepp and Alex met while longboarding – back then when longboarding was still considered exotic. Sepp was a technical draftsman after graduating from the mechanical engineering HTL and Alex was an IT technician working all over Europe for more than 10 years. In 2014, Alex set up the entire wifi at a hotel opening in Stuttgart, patched his fingers to the bone in dark server rooms and had the brilliant idea that later sparked PATCHBOX. He inspires Sepp, who spends a year drawing, fiddling and tinkering. First in Alex’s kids room. Then in a storage room without daylight. Yes, this is where our story of the garage start-up begins. The first prototype is created in Happylab. At the beginning of 2015 PATCHBOX is founded – funded by the City of Vienna through the Wirtschaftsagentur Wien (“Vienna Business Agency”). A fund of the City of Vienna. In the summer, a business angel is brought on board and the innovation with the fancy patent name “p45” is registered. Alex and Sepp put a lot of effort into convincing the first customers, such as the Hilton Group – and ultimately won them over. In 2017, it takes off: The PATCHBOX Plus+ is funded by aws and goes into series production. Out of the garage – into the new office! In 2018, marketing is professionalized, the first employees come on board, agency dog Maja takes over security. 2020 we develop the innovative /dev/mount, a next milestone. In 2021, 13 employees are already part of the PATCHBOX family. And now you can continue writing our success story


We invest a lot of time in research and development. Each of our solutions aims to make life easier, faster or better. That's why all our innovations are patented. Because the competition doesn't sleep - they're still patching!


Our solutions not only work excellently, but they are also awarded. For example, from the largest US industry magazine with the Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Platinum+Gold Awards. But also our company was awarded the Austria Born Global Champion.


We are proud of our employees, who have played an enormous role in our healthy growth. That's why we give them a lot in return: team events, flexible working hours, home office and training opportunities and a pleasant working atmosphere are part of our daily routine.


Our modern, comfortable office is centrally located, offers a great view of Vienna from the terrace, has amenities such as free coffee and state-of-the-art hardware.



Received Awards

We’re always searching for talented people.

No matter if you are fresh out of university, a young professional or already have several years of work experience. We are always looking for sociable and ambitious people who love their job and can help us achieve our goals.