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We develop revolutionary tools to simplify your everyday digital life. You solve problems faster, have resources for other tasks and more fun at work. Your company saves time and money through optimised cable management thanks to PATCHBOX – CEO and CFO will say: OMG!

Our Products. Simplify IT.

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PATCHBOX® is the most innovative cabling system for network cabinets ever. No more cable spaghetti. Patch cables are always in the right length. Easy to install. For faster maintenance. And maximum workflow.

Organized. Structured.

Save money with faster troubleshooting, maintenance and restructuring messy network racks

Fastest Troubleshooting.

Not only replacing a network switch is child’s play with PATCHBOX® but also daily tasks like changing a network connection.

Modular. Flexible.

Swap a cassette just by pressing both release buttons and removing it from the PATCHBOX® Frame another cassette can then be slid in.

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The Setup.exe is like your third hand. Or your second colleague. Supports you during installation. Takes the switch, laptop and a lot of responsibility off your shoulders. Installs in seconds. And toolbox for your most important tools.

Mounted in seconds.

The Setup.exe comes with two spring loaded bolt plungers that safely secure the Setup.exe in place.

Mobile Workspace.

Easily configure Switches, Servers etc. with two hands while the Setup.exe holds your Laptop for you.

Your irreplaceable third hand.

No more acts of balancing expensive equipment with one hand while trying to get the screws in with the other.

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The /dev/mount is the mother of all cage nuts. Extremely easy to use. Immediately ready for use. For safe, fast and convenient installation of equipment.

Simplify Complexity.

Doing more with fewer parts the /dev/mount is durable, affordable and designed to last.

Simplify Device Mounting.

The /dev/mount increases speed and accuracy of hardware mounting / dismounting.

Simplify Handling.

The /dev/mount has been designed with practicality, safety and ease of handling in mind safeguarding the working environment.

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Network Rack Planner

Configure and export your personal network rack in a few minutes & for free. You can either start completely from scratch or just use and edit one of our setup examples if you’re feeling lazy.

Easy to use.

The Network Rack Planner is easy to use. Export your configuration and request a quote from us.

Preconfigured examples.

We offer pre-configured examples to guide you or in case you don’t want to start from scratch.

Free of charge.

Our Network Rack Planner is completely free and can be used as often as you like.

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Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Triplet Enterprises
Triplet Enterprises
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Excellent network rack organization. Although expensive, this innovative solution for organized and logical patching is highly recommended for anyone trying to keep their network rack “clean”.
Mear Technology Ltd.
Mear Technology Ltd.
Read More
Great service as always. As a reseller of Patchbox and someone who regularly orders PATCHBOX, I can highly recommend their service and products. They are a great team with an amazing product.
Read More
This product is so simple and smart. It's the dream of every IT. I can't believe we used to work with normal nuts and screws for so long. Thank you for an AMAZING product at a reasonable price and super fast delivery.
Read More
Great service and fast delivery. The product is fantastic. Easy to use and does what it says on the tin. Makes installation of equipment so much easier now that I have 2 hands to work with
Read More
The perfect solution to avoid the inevitable clutter caused by normal patch cables in the server cabinet. Quality has its price but it's worth it!
Read More
Excellent products saving time and money. No longer dealing with a cabling maze (Patchbox plus +, Patchbox 365), leaning into racks to install switches (setup.exe) or breaking fingernails (/dev/mount).