Logo & Guidelines

The PATCHBOX logo is one of the core elements of our visual identity. It has been designed to give our brand a unique and recognizable look and feel. The PATCHBOX logo is made up of two elements, the signet element which makes the ‘O’ and the wordmark / trademark.


PATCHBOX - Simplify IT
PATCHBOX - Simplify IT

Incorrect Usage

The examples on this page show how our logo should not be applied.
For the uniform and coherent representation of PATCHBOX it is important that the logo is displayed correctly and according to these guidelines.

PATCHBOX - Simplify IT
Do not place the logo on a background with any color. The logo looks cleanest when placed on white or black.

Do not change the color of any key brand element.

The logo should not be of equal weight of the claim.

Signet and ‘o’ in logo must be of obvious different sizes. Minimum 3x to avoid two circles of same size.

Elements must not be rotated or flipped.

PATCHBOX - Simplify IT

Do not use the white version of logo on bright backgrounds.