PATCHBOX How-to Guide

Step-by-step guide

Click here to download the How-to Guide for the PATCHBOX Plus+ and PATCHBOX 365.

Installation & Setup

Step 1: Plan your rack 

In order to benefit from the logic of the PATCHBOX system we recommend to install the PATCHBOX unit either above or below the switch and using two Patchcatches for each patch panel.

Step 2: Install PATCHBOX mounting rails (PATCHBOX Plus+)

Release the rail’s fastening screw. Insert rail into the cabinet resting the rail’s rear pegs in the cabinets mounting holes. Extend the rail to fit the depth of the cabinet and fasten the rail’s screw. 

Step 3: Mount Setup.exe (optional)

Mount the Setup.exe securing the weight of equipment, such as switches until they are securely screwed in. Click here to find out more.

Step 4: Insert PATCHBOX 

Slide the PATCHBOX onto the mounting rails leaving a small gap between the 19” rail and the unit for the Patchcatch in Step 5.

Step 5: Insert PATCHBOX Patchcatch

One on either side of the unit the PATCHBOX Patchcatch is placed between the PATCHBOX Frame and the 19” rail.

Step 6: Secure PATCHBOX with hex-nuts

Using the supplied HEX-Nuts secure the PATCHBOX into the network cabinet.

Step 7: Insert PATCHBOX ID Labels

Print and insert your printed ID labels into the face of each PATCHBOX Cassette. Click here for a print document template. 

Patching patch cords

Step 1: Release the Cassette Cable Stopper

Having released the cable stopper, pull out one end of the desired catch cord. 

Step 2: Pull out patch cord with overlength

Pull out patch cord with enough overlength to span from the desired port to the PATCHBOX.

Step 3: Patch the patch cord

Connect the patch cord to the desired port.

Step 4: Guide patch cords with PATCHBOX Patchcatch

Guide the patch cord through the PATCHBOX Patchcatches along the side of the cabinet.

Step 5: Always patch from top to bottom

It’s important to always patch from top to button inorder to to have the ability to feed overlength cable back into the cassette.

Step 6: Activate Cassette Cable Stopper

Allow any excess patch cord to be pulled back into the cassette and then activate the cable stopper.

Tracing patch cords

Step 1: Wiggle / pull on the patch cord

Pull / wiggle one end of a patch cord and immediately identify the other end of the patch cord by its movement.

Click here to download the How-to Guide for the PATCHBOX Plus+ and PATCHBOX 365.