Simplify Cable Management.

The PATCHBOX is the state-of-the-art cabling system for network and server racks that replaces conventional patch cords and cable management. Providing the exact length patch cord required, creating benefits by accelerating rack maintenance and building an efficient and sustainable working environment by preventing cable spaghetti.



With PATCHBOX you can achieve the impossible: a forever clean and neat network rack. Save money with faster troubleshooting, maintenance and restructuring messy network racks. PATCHBOX even brings logic to your network rack so you can replace a faulty network switch in 3 minutes. Say goodbye to expensive switches with redundant power supplies and get a PATCHBOX instead. 


Not only replacing a network switch is child's play with PATCHBOX but also daily tasks like changing a network connection. Due to the integrated straight run cables it is much simpler to trace a patch cord - taking a fraction of the time compared to the conventional method.
Adding a new connection? The patch cords in a PATCHBOX are always ready and waiting to be patched.

Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Gold Award 2017



Have VLAN's or applications you would like to optically separate from each other for faster troubleshooting and interaction or just need a fibre optic uplink? Swap a cassette just by pressing both release buttons and removing it from the PATCHBOX Frame another cassette can then be slid in and secures itself in the frame.

Mix the cassettes to your needs with our PATCHBOX Custom. Pre-assembled
 PATCHBOX Plus+ and PATCHBOX 365 are available on request. Contact us on for further details.


PATCHBOX modular cassettes are now available in single packs providing you complete customization options of your PATCHBOX.


Save money thanks to the PATCHBOX. It not only stores your unused patch cords safely and ensures they are ready when you need them it also allows a higher density in your network rack compared to conventional methods. 
That equals more gear in the same space with more overview.



The PATCHBOX is designed with speed and ease in mind. The installation of a PATCHBOX and patching all 24 patch cords is around 8 times faster than doing the exact same job with traditional patch cords and cable management. Maintenance work like moves, adds and changes or a switch replacement is even 10 times faster.




Years of experience, research and testing were applied to develop our patented and reliable mechanism. The spring loaded system retracts the unneeded cable length slowly and stores it safely within the cassette's housing. It is designed to last and we guarantee at least 300 pulling cycles per cassette. That equals repatching a single patch cord 300 times.


We invented and patented the first product that provides the user with the exact length of patch cord needed. With the pulley system housed in a cassette only a pull on the cable is required to extract it. Each cassette, that simply clips into the PATCHBOX Frame, has its own cable stopper. The cable stopper is used to adjust the length of the extracted patch cord properly so that there is no tension or slack of the patch cord.

Either end of the patch cord can be extracted independently from each other. For example extracting 10cm at one end and 160cm from the other - providing full flexibility.


The Patchcatch is our zero rack unit (0RU) cable management and plays an important role in keeping the network rack maintainable. The Patchcatch is mounted behind the brackets of existing components and devices like a patch panel and does not require any additional screws. For any cable run in the network rack are just two Patchcatch required. This reduces efforts to a minimum to maintain a neat and clean network rack. Every PATCHBOX comes with 6x Patchcatch. That is sufficient to connect a 24-Port switch with 2 patch panels.

No other cable management is required.


Every cassette cable both fibre and copper are tested to ISO/IEC 11801 Class E standards. We count on high grade flat twisted pair patch cords as they have many benefits over round patch cords, especially within our mechanism. Flat patch cords are much easier to bend, think of a metal sheet vs. a metal tube, and it also uses a lot less space than a round patch cord. The benefit: Your network rack even when fully patched, tracing, adding or removing connections always remains a straightforward and simple process. Also airflow is less likely to be congested by bulky patch cords as the PATCHBOX utilizes the benefits of flat patch cords.


We believe in quality. The springs we use in our cassettes are built to last millions of pulling cycles. The cassette profiles are made of CroMo Steel. The connectors on the patch cords we use have extra thick gold plating to guarantee as many mating cycles as possible. We also source locally whenever possible to have a close relationship with our suppliers.

We give you a 5 year warranty on all production related issues on both our PATCHBOX Plus+ and PATCHBOX 365.


With the PATCHBOX logic in most cases it is fully sufficient to just write the patch panel port on to the label as the switch connected side of the PATCHBOX has a 1:1 assignment.

Each PATCHBOX comes with 96x slide in labels. You can either use our printing template or write on it with a pen.

PATCHBOX Plus+ Cat. 6 red


Made for full-size network racks

The PATCHBOX Plus+ is the every day allrounder. It is designed for full-size network racks and can cover up to 26RU in one or the other direction. Delivered with a PATCHBOX Frame, 24 cassettes in a color of your choice, 6 pieces Patchcatch, 96 ID Labels and mounting rails for a rock solid installation. 

There are three options available: the PATCHBOX Plus+ with 7 patch cord colors, the PATCHBOX Plus+ Fibre Optic in multimode OM4 and single mode OS2 and the PATCHBOX Plus+ Custom where you configure each cassette to the type and color of your choice. 

The PATCHBOX Plus+ has a total cable length of 1.7m (this equals 26RU) which can be extracted independently.

PATCHBOX 365 Cat. 6 blue


Made for wall mounted network racks

The PATCHBOX 365 is the shorter Version of the PATCHBOX Plus+. It is designed for wall mounted network racks and racks where space is little or no long patch cords are required. It comes with a PATCHBOX Frame, 24 cassettes in a color of your choice, 6 pieces Patchcatch and 96 ID Labels. 

There are two options available: the PATCHBOX 365 with 7 patch cord colors or the PATCHBOX 365 Custom that you can configure to your needs.

The PATCHBOX 365 has a total cable length of 0.8m (this equals 10RU) which can be extracted independently.

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