Abbiamo creato una rete  di partner in continua crescita che è attualmente  presente in oltre 50 paesi. Di seguito troverai una lista che ti aiuterà ad adempiere il tuo ordine nel minor tempo  possibile.
Per aumentare la nostra disponibilità a livello mondiale ci impegniamo a far crescere la nostra rete  di partner, quindi se sei interessato a diventare un rivenditore dei nostri prodotti premiati,  contattaci.

Fare riferimento a PATCHBOX® Plus + come “Network Cable Organizer” (NCO), numero ordine 7044.XXX quando si parla con Rittal.

Systems Integration Partner

indasys connectivity GmbH
Being part of the indasys.group, indasys connectivity is the service provider in network planning as well as network and internet security. Our services are not limited to the external protection of your data. Just as important as securing your data against access by third parties is reliability. We offer solutions for network security through deep packet inspection, a failure-free network core with up to 1 Tbit/s bandwidth, network analysis from OSI Layer 1 to Layer 7.
Kristall I.T. bvba
Kristall I.T. is based in Bree, in the North-East of Belgium and specializes in:

- Datacenter services: on premise with the customer as well as in our own Tier IV datacenter in Luxemburg
- ICT infrastructure
- Managed ICT services
- Distribution of cabling & accessories for ICT networking
Netzware Handels- und IT-Dienstleistungs GmbH
Netzware is based in Vienna and specialises in consulting, distribution, service and installation. Through our own service team, we can perform the delivery and installation of PATCHBOX. Our fiber and copper team will be pleased to assist you.

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