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Network Connectors: The Big Guide by Experts

Network Connectors

In networking, it is not only the cables that play a major role, but also the network connectors. There are different types of connectors that are used for different purposes. Below you will find an overview of the respective connector types in Ethernet cabling. Definition of Network connectors A connector is a device that terminates […]

Fiber Optic Connectors & Plug Types

Fiber Optic Connectors are also called end connector because it connects two ends of fiber optic cables together. These connectors hold the fiber optic cables together inside the ferrule. This allows them to be attached to the other side of the cables. Ferrules are the end pieces of the connector that are used to fasten […]

What are LC fiber optic connectors?

LC Fiber Optic Connectors

Fiber optic connectors are connectors that are used to connect fiber optic cables with components. However, there are many different types. In this text, we take a look at LC fiber optic connectors. What does LC Fiber Optic mean? The abbreviation LC for fiber optic connectors stands for Lucent Connector and literally means “translucent/transparent connector”. […]

What are SC fiber optic connectors?

SC Fiber Optic Connectors

Fiber optic connectors are used to connect fiber optic cables or optical fibers to components. There are many different optical connector types. This time we present SC fiber optic connectors in more detail. SC Fiber Optic Connector: What does it mean? There are many different meanings for the abbreviation SC. One of them is “Subscriber […]

What are RJ11 connectors? Everything you need to know

R11 Connectors

RJ11 connectors are one of the earliest versions of modular connectors. Nowadays, newer versions like the RJ45 are more widely used, but the Registered Jack-11 is still very common in the voice communication sector. What are RJ11 connectors? RJ11 connectors are one of the many modular connector types that are used for telephone, telephone connector […]

What are RJ45 connectors?

RJ45 Connector

There are countless types of network connectors, with different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and purposes of use. However, one of the most common is the RJ45 connector, which we will now introduce in the following text. The Beginning RJ connectors were introduced by Bell Laboratories (USA) in the 1970s. A few years later, they were […]