Simplify Hardware Installation.

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The Setup.exe comes with two spring loaded bolt plungers that safely secure the Setup.exe in place. The brackets can also be adjusted to fit 19" rails with different thicknesses and are made from durable stainless steel. The body of the Setup.exe is Aluminium to save weight on your service trips. 


Easily configure Switches, Servers etc. with two hands while the Setup.exe holds your Laptop for you.  One side is rubberised so your Laptop does not slip off.


The Setup.exe will become your valuable third hand. No more acts of balancing expensive equipment with one hand while trying to get the screws in with the other. The Setup.exe holds equipment with up to 15kg for you effortlessly.

everything WITH YOU.

The Setup.exe has holes to place spare cage nuts in. You can also put some Velcro on it to mount all kinds of tools to it so you always have them with you. Cable ties also have their own spot for times when you need to heavily secure something.

Lifetime Warranty

you only need one.

Heavy Duty

supports you with gear up to 15kg.


to fit all square punched holes.

Fast mounted

mounted  in seconds.

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