Direktronik AB

Distribution Partner

Konsul Johnssons vag 15
    Nynäshamn 149 45
+46 8 524 00 700

Since the early 1980s Direktronik has supplied computer and network equipment to an ever-expanding clientele. “A good selection,” says one. “Reasonable prices,” says another. We would like to think that the old notions of know-how, service, and reliability contribute to our good reputation. We work hard every day to maintain it.

We are mainly specialised in network infrastructure and datacommunication whereas we have built our competency and support. Our idea is to offer unique niche products under an excellent availability of personal support and highest service-level.

Direktronik are also a healthy & profitable partner which further reinsure a contionous and long-term business relation.

Our main operations are located in Nynäshamn, where we have our head office, warehouse, and service facilities.

We are today delivering more than 10.000 parcel’s a year, supporting our +3000 customer clientele an annual basis.

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