Simplify Device Mounting.

The /dev/mount is the fastest solution replacing conventional cage nuts used in server and network racks. Its faster mounting capabilities increases productivity of mounting 19” equipment. The /dev/mount holds equipment securely in place before the nuts are fastened, making hardware mounting a faster and more secure task.


                        Completely effortlessly requiring zero prior assembly as well its quick mounting & quick-release functionality the /dev/mount significantly increases productivity of mounting hardware into network and server racks. Constructed from spring steel and aluminum the /dev/mount is the ideal tool for mounting equipment into 19'' racks at superior speed.

                        • Quick mounting and release system 

                        • Dual-sided / reversible HEX-nuts included

                        • Holds equipment securely 

                        • Zero prior assembly required 

                        • Made in Germany 


                        Doing more with fewer parts the /dev/mount is durable, affordable and designed to last. Conventional cage nuts consist of many individual parts and are therefore difficult to handle and install. The /dev/mount requires zero assembly prior install and snaps securely in position. Only half the parts are required to mount any 1RU 19" equipment, compared to cage nuts.

                        DEVICE MOUNTING. 

                        The /dev/mount increases speed and accuracy of hardware mounting / dismounting. Forming a strong extruding profile capable of carrying the weight of hardware until fastened. The included HEX nuts can be tightened without tools making the process completely tool less.


                        It is very common for conventional cage nuts to have sharp, unsafe serrated edges which can be painful and cause cuts. The /dev/mount has been designed with practicality, safety and ease of handling in mind safeguarding the working environment. The /dev/mount is not only faster at completing tasks but also safer.

                        ORDER YOUR 
                        /dev/mount 50-PACK

                        Items included:

                        • 50x /dev/mount

                        • 100x Hex-nuts

                        (Equals 100 cage nuts and bolts to mount 25x 1RU equipment)

                        Compatibility with 19" rails.

                        The /dev/mount is compatible with 19" rails with square punched holes that are capable of installing standard server rails.

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