The PATCHBOX is a 1 RU, 19″ cable retractor for server racks, aiming to become the new standard in patching.

Why should I use PATCHBOX?

Because conventional cable management systems are ineffective, outdated, expensive and pretty much pointless due to the mess that follows when cables are too long. Check out this video for a brief explanation.

What are the best advantages?

  • Due to optimised usage of the given space, an enhanced airflow is guaranteed, your devices will live longer and downtime will be drastically reduced.
  • The PATCHBOX will enhance your workflow whenever working with your rack. Not only will you be faster when using PATCHBOX, but troubleshooting will be less complicated. The self-retracting system helps to find the right cable.
  • Unpacking single cables and other parts will be obsolete. PATCHBOX comes as a pre-installed package with PATCHCATCHES included. Instead of a variety of small parts you will only need to unpack the PATCHBOX which is child’s play compared to all existing cabling solutions.
  • The general oversight you get by using PATCHBOX will help you and others work faster at any given situation.

Will I save time with this solution?

Installation, de-installation and migration will be up to 80% faster compared to commonly used methods.

Is it expensive?

No. If you want your rack to look neat and tidy with no extra cables hanging around, you would have to invest more time and money with the existing system.

Where can I get further information?

You can always subscribe to our newsletter, or email us directly to info(at)patchbox.at

Where can I get it?

The PATCHBOX will be available at authorized dealers. If you can’t find a dealer in your area you can always write to office(at)patchbox.at and we will help you find one.