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PATCHBOX® Plus+ Fiber Optic Long Range Cassette

Build your own PATCHBOX with various cable types and colours of your choice! The PATCHBOX Frame offers space for 24 Cable Cassettes. The extra-long fiber optic cable inside PATCHBOX Cassette Plus+ Long Range is 2.5m long and covers up to 46RU (Note: 0.7m are not retractable and hang out of the cassette). You can decide between OS2 and OM4 and LC-LC and LC-SC connectors.

Sales Information
This item will be sold and shipped through a PATCHBOX partner from or close to your region to make sure it takes the shortest shipping route.

OS2 Cable
OS2 RBS 9μ/125μ, G.657.B3, LSZH, Yellow, Single-Mode, RoHS compliant

OM4 Cable
OM4 RBS 50μ/125μ, LSZH, Erika Violet, Multi-Mode, RoHS compliant

LC Duplex – LC Duplex / LC Duplex – SC Duplex

Cable length
2.5m cover 46 RU:
1.8m extractable + 0.7m overlength non-retractable

Cassette Profiles
Stainless steel, laser-welded

Plastic Parts
Polyoxymethylene POM

Operating Temperature Range
-25°C — 70°C

Ambient Humidity Non-Condensing
10% – 90%

Gross Weight

Packaging Dimensions
690mm x 50mm x 50mm WxDxH

8544 7000

1 x PATCHBOX Plus+ Fiber Optic OS2 / OM4 Long Range Cassette with LC-LC / LC-SC connector

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