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No more tangled cables in your 19″ rack. Have patch cables always in the right length. Easy network cable installation. For faster maintenance. And maximum workflow. That’s the PATCHBOX. Check out the different variants and cables.

Modular? Surefire.

The PATCHBOX is fully modular. Therefore it’s easy to switch cassettes and frames as you like. You can go plan and buy your own custom PATCHBOX by selecting your desired parts.


Setup.exe is your third hand when installing heavy hardware in the network cabinet. It carries switches, patch panels, etc. up to 50kg (110lbs) for you until they are completely bolted down.


The /dev/mount is significantly better than a conventional cage nut in terms of safety, simplicity and speed. Due to the sophisticated snap-in function, the /dev/mount is mounted in seconds.

Create and export your personal network rack diagram in a few minutes & completely for free. Start now and plan your first rack.