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Actually, there is nothing more to add to the sophisticated system of PATCHBOX®. Except for the matching accessories. Because with PATCHBOX® Blind Panels, PATCHBOX® Patchcatch and PATCHBOX® ID Labels, you can tailor your products perfectly to your needs and workflow.

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PATCHBOX® Blind Panels

Cover unused insertion areas in the PATCHBOX® frame with these blind panels. Simply plug them in and reuse them at another location at any time. Optimal air circulation is always guaranteed. In addition, our blind panels are made of technical plastic, which makes them more stable and durable.

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PATCHBOX® Patchcatch

This innovative, space-saving cable management is a must-have. Mounted under existing patch panels, switches or PATCHBOX® Plus+/PATCHBOX® 365, it requires no additional cage nuts or rack units. The PATCHBOX® Patchcatch routes cables to the side of the cabinet at the same height they are patched. Confusing crossings and cable tangles are a thing of the past!

It works with conventional patch cables and cabling, naturally complements the PATCHBOX® perfectly and demonstrates real guiding qualities with bend-insensitive fiber optic cables as well as patch cables. The PATCHBOX® Patchcatch is also made of particularly durable, technical plastic.


Here you have it in black and white: With our identification labels you always have an overview. They can be used on both sides and can simply be pushed onto the cable stoppers of the cassettes. If the PATCHBOX® is mounted above or below a switch, you have a logical assignment of the cassettes to the switch ports (cassette 1 to switch port 1, etc.).

Cable Labeling
Cat6 Cable Management

A little pro-tip: When you buy a PATCHBOX® you get
6 Patchcatches and 96 identification labels for free!