We are you.

We have lived your pain, installing or maintaining Network Cabinets that a Bomb disposal team wouldn’t want to touch. When we close our eyes we can still see the miles of Cable Spaghetti and still feel the pressure to get everything back up and running in minutes.

We knew there must be a better way, so we sat down and created one.

We listed all the things we would like to change about a IT Managers job, and then we did it! Created a prototype, then refined it and then got a patent, made the PATCHBOX® V1 and finally we launched PATCHBOX® Plus+.

Then after that we did that, we looked at the list and figured out that we had more problems to solve and we created the Setup.exe - Your Rack Installation Wizard by PATCHBOX®.

The product line will be increasing as we do everything we can to make IT Managers jobs easier and the setup and maintenance quicker and cheaper.


Alex & Josef

(The Founders)