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The award winning cabling system

The PATCHBOX® Plus+ is the state of the art cable management system; fast and neat. It replaces conventional cable management and patch cords completely with an all-in-one solution.

The PATCHBOX® Plus+ with its retractable cables, provides the user with the exact cable length needed. No more overly long cables, creating a cabinet full of cable spaghetti. Installation time is dramatically reduced and due to the clean setup maintenance can even be done remotely further reducing costs. Read more about this on our Blog.

Super fast

8-times faster installation &
10-times faster maintenance


Every cable is tested according to ISO standards. Available as Cat. 6 UTP/STP and fibre optics OS2/OM4

Perfect length

Retractable cables prevent 
from cable clutter

 patented solution against cable clutter

The system explained

The PATCHBOX® Plus+ System consists of up to 24 Cassettes, a 1RU metal frame that holds the cassettes and our included cable management - the Patchcatch™ . The Cassettes hold a spring loaded pulley system inside that retracts unneeded cable length storing it until needed - providing you always with the perfect length patch cord.

What we refer to as Perfect Patching!

Our Cassettes include a variety of different patch cords, from Cat. 6 (UTP/STP) with up to 10Gbit to fibre optic in multi mode and single mode (OS2/OM4). Our 100% tested Cat. 6 patch cords are available in several colours, so it is very easy for you to differentiate from different services you are running on your network. You can even customise a PATCHBOX® Plus+ to your needs with our configurator and combine different coloured cables in one PATCHBOX® Plus+.


Benefits you only get with Patchbox®

The future of Patch cord management

Logic & Documentation

Achieve  an overview in your cabinets and know in any situation what is connected, thanks to the neat structure and included documentation labels. 

10x faster maintenance

Due to the perfect overview and the cables in the right place, maintenance is sped up by the factor of 10!

Everything included

Cable management, mounting rails, HEX Nuts and ID Labels are included.

Fluke Tested

Every cable is tested according to ISO standards. Our Cat. 6 (UTP & STP) patch cords are capable of speeds up to 10Gbit! 

stays neat

You will not have any cable clutter anymore because of patch cords in the perfect length.


Since there is no cable over length, no stowing is needed which results in optimisedventilation for active components. 

 Need it tailor made? 

 Check out the PATCHBOX® Plus+ Custom 

Patchbox cable management network cabinet

optimised airflow

800mm wide cabinets are used mainly because of the extra space on the right and left side of the 19" mountings. That extra spaced is commonly used to hide and store excess cable. The problem with that is, most active components have their fans on the side and those are blocked from the cable clutter. Overheating can cause a lot of unwanted downtime and extra maintenance.


The PATCHBOX® uses flat patch cords, 100% tested according to ISO Class E Standards (Category 6). Our flat patch cords only use 1/4 of the space a conventional patch cord would need. With that and our cable management, the Patchcatch™, you only need a 600mm cabinet and those extra 200mm aren't needed anymore.

You can now fit four 600mm network cabinets in the same space as three 800mm cabinets.


Only accurate documentation is good documentation. Forget about sticky labels, forget about expensive third party or manufacturer labeling solutions. We provide you with tear off labels that simply slide onto the front of each cassette. Depending on your setup, you just have to write i.e. "A1" on the label and due to the physical switch port assignation to the cassettes (cassette 1 is connected to switch port 1 and so on) you see with an blink of the eye what your connections are



The classic Box

Depth:  600mm - the perfect fit for all 800mm, deep 19" racks 

Cables types: Cat. 6 UTP and STP in 7 colors, Fiber optics OS2 and OM4

Cable Length: Standard: up to 1.7m extractable; Long Range (Cassettes only): up to 2.7m extractable



the small box

Depth:    365mm - the perfect fit for all 400-600mm deep 19" racks 

Cables types:

Cat. 6 STP in 5 colors

Cable Length: up to 0.8m extractable


Made in the EU

where we source our parts from

We source everything that is needed to built a PATCHBOX® Plus+ System from within the EU to guarantee excellent quality of all our components.
Our ISO certified production facility located in Hungary takes care of the assembly process with highest standards.


The Patchbox® Challenge

Still not convinced? Watch our video proof of how fast the PATCHBOX® is installed and patched. The competition between conventional patch cords and cable management versus the PATCHBOX® is executed by two well trained IT guys with many years of experience cabling network cabinets.


Customer Images

These Pictures show some of our customer setups with the PATCHBOX®.

Setup.exe - your rack installation wizard  

The perfect companion to PATCHBOX®