AM Selection

Since 1989, the year when the camcorder became this year’s Christmas present, AM SELECTION has delivered high-performance IT products to demanding customers.

Today, AM SELECTION is a completely internet-based reseller of IT related products. Thanks to good supplier contacts, we can offer a huge range of products. For us, it is important to provide personal service, regardless of whether it is via email or telephone.

With a central location in Malå, in central Lapland between the coast and the mountains, we have a down-to-earth and simple view of customer support. We want the customer to be satisfied before, during and after each purchase. Many customers think that we are flexible and responsive to their wishes.

This attitude means, among other things, that we can adapt our range to customers’ needs, but also that we can provide competent and personal buying advice. We want our customers to feel that we care and never leave a question unanswered. It is the security that makes our customers come back year after year.

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