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Case Study: ICO Innovative Computer & PATCHBOX

März 2020

What are the advantages of thin/flat cables?

Februar 2020

Cable management: An underestimated part of digitalisation

Januar 2020

Messy network cabinets - the broken windows theory

Dezember 2019

Unshielded twisted pair vs. shielded twisted pair

November 2019

How PATCHBOX revolutionised a customers it infrastructure over night.

PATCHBOX GmbH, Miriam Boubachta
September 2019

4 expert tips for efficient cable management.

Julian Stiepka
Dezember 2018

What are bend insensitive fiber optic cables?

PATCHBOX GmbH, Miriam Boubachta
Oktober 2018 Educational

10 times faster maintenance - how is that even possible?

PATCHBOX GmbH, Alexander Geng
Oktober 2017

Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Award

September 2017

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