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Structured Cabling Installation: The Ultimate Guide about Patch Cables, Cabling and on how to improve your network rack.

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Network Cabling Guide

UTP vs. STP: What is the difference?

Not only fans of our PATCHBOX® are wondering whether they should go with the UTP cable or STP patch cables version. Therefore, in our blog

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Network Cabling Guide

Flexible Flat Cables: The key advantages.

Cables with a smaller outside diameter are being added to the product range by an increasing number of well-known cable manufacturers. There are several reasons

Network Cabling: Guide, Best Practices & more

Choosing a network cable can be confusing. Which cable type should I use? How do I wire ethernet cables? How do I use a network cabling tester? What are the best structured cabling practices? Which patch cables are better – Cat.6 or Cat.6a? How do I install Ethernet Cables? What are the 6 components of structured cabling?

Find the answers in our new Cabling: The Complete Guide to Network Wiring Archive. If you are looking to get structured cabling installed in your office our Network Cabling Guide is the ideal page for you.

On this page we will show you the best practices for networking cabling management and network cable installation. Also we want to show you the most innovative and helpful installation tools for successful cable management – these will make your IT work easier and optimize your network racks.

The easiest way to improve your 19″ rack and avoid tangled patch cables is by using the most innovative cable management system: The PATCHBOX®.

What is a network cabling installation? What is Network cabling?

Network cables transfer data and information between computers, switches, routers and data storage networks. Network Cabling is therefore the process of connecting these elements so data flow is efficient and given.

What is a structured cabling system?

A structured cabling system is the organized collection of copper or fiber cables in other components that connect IT hardware like computers, telephones, copiers and many others.

Network Cabling Guide: What you need to consider

When thinking about installing a cabling system you should think hard about which services are right for you to not regret a heavy investment later. You should think long term rather than short term.

While patch cables can be very cheap, the installation after all can be quite expensive, maintenance is very time consuming due to tangled cables and IT hardware is exposed to bad airflow and get broken way quicker.

You might have saved some bucks when installing a network cabling system, but on the long run your company pays way more for maintenance or even replacing expensive hardware. To avoid that we created the PATCHBOX®, which provided patch cables always in the right length – trouble-shooting and installation are way faster and your beloved hardware will last longer.