That’s how bend-insensitive our Fiber Optic Cables are

bending radius fiber optic cables

Fiber Optic Cables are essential components in the modern world of telecommunications, but they are also fragile in their own way. The fibers in conventional Fiber Optic Cables are very delicate and can break easily. Any bend or kink affects the performance. For the PATCHBOX we use the bend-insensitive ClearCurve® Fibers by Corning®, some of […]

Why you should NOT use short patch cables

Short Patch Cables

Patch cables are widely used in computer networks to connect devices such as computers, routers, and switches. Some network administrators prefer to use short patch cables with less than 50 cm/19.68 inches length to maintain tidy and neat cabling. But using them can cause some problems. The problems with short patch cables Using short patch […]